Woodfired Ashglazed Small Vase
Woodfired Ashglazed Small Vase


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Woodfired Ashglazed Small Vase

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  • Handmade vase, wood fired and decorated with glazes
  • Dimensions: Height 16 cm, Width 11 cm
  • Made from German clay and natural ash glazes
  • Ash glazes are derived from various kinds of wood and straw
  • The tradition of ash glazes dates back to the Shang period in China (c. 1500 B.C.)
  • Unique finishes achieved due to different wood ashes and firing variables
  • Decorated with natural ash glaze mixed with food-safe copper oxide for a green shade
  • Wood firing process involves complex, uncontrollable variables and self-constructed kilns
    • Crafted Handmade
    • Premium Quality
    • Worldwide Shipping
    • Orders are Processed through Etsy.com

    Stunning Craftsmanship and Unique Finish

    The small vase, ash-glazed and wood-fired, is a true testament to exceptional artisanal skill. The intricate process involved in its creation, from the selection of German clay to the unique blend of wood ashes, is evident in the final product.

    Elegant Design and Solid Build

    The vase’s elegant design is accentuated by the natural ash glaze, which gives it a distinctive and rustic charm. Measuring 16 cm in height and 11 cm in width, it is the perfect size for showcasing flowers or simply as a decorative piece. The solid construction ensures that it is not only beautiful but also durable.

    Exceptional Ash Glaze

    The ash glaze is simply superb. The use of natural ash glazes mixed with food-safe oxide of copper results in a stunning green shade, adding a unique touch to each piece. The variability in the wood ashes used makes each vase one-of-a-kind, with subtle differences that enhance its beauty.

    Unique Wood Firing Process

    The wood firing process adds an extra layer of uniqueness and complexity to the vase. The artisan’s dedication to constructing and using custom-built kilns, along with the careful selection of wood, results in a product that is both special and rare. The firing range of 1260°C-1300°C and the lengthy 12-hour process demonstrate the commitment to achieving the best possible results.

    Highly Recommended

    This vase is not only a beautiful addition to any collection but also a remarkable example of traditional ceramic techniques. The fair pricing and free shipping make it an excellent value for such high quality. Highly recommend this store for anyone looking to add a piece of art to their home.


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    3 reviews for Woodfired Ashglazed Small Vase

    1. Tom Bostock

      Consistently fantastic, this was my third…

    2. Henry

      I have a substantial teapot collection, and this one stands out with world-class quality. Its elegant design and solid construction are impressive. The ash glaze is exceptional, and it pours smoothly. Considering its high quality, the price is very reasonable, and the free shipping is a bonus. I highly recommend this store.

    3. dee

      Consistently impressive! 🤩

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