Dried Flower Vase, Nordic Decor – Helen’s Pot

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Dried Flower Vase, Nordic Decor – Helen’s Pot

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Original price was: $40.90.Current price is: $30.67.

  • Inspired by the beauty of Helen of Troy, Helen’s Pot is a unique vase that blends modern design with ancient form, making it a graceful addition to modern decor
  • Designed with a minimalistic approach, the Nordic vase is suitable for modern shelf decor and can also be used as a dried flower vase
  • The vase is made using eco-friendly bioplastic through 3D printing technology, making it an environmentally conscious choice that is durable yet not watertight
  • Available in two sizes, small (20 cm / 7.9″ in height) and large (25 cm / 9.9″ in height), with a weight range of 150 – 300 grams (0.33 – 0.66 lbs), making it versatile for various spaces
  • Freshly 3D printed upon request, Helen’s Pot can be used for home decoration or gifting, and comes in various colors to match different furniture settings
  • The vase is part of a larger collection of eco-friendly decor objects available for purchase, with the option to create a modern vase set of 2 by choosing preferred colors
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    Aesthetic Meets Sustainability: A Review of Helen’s Pot

    Upon unboxing Helen’s Pot, it was immediately clear that this was not just another decor item. Inspired by the legendary beauty of Helen of Troy and blending ancient charm with modern design, it’s a piece that stands out in the crowded world of home decor.

    Design and Style

    The Nordic-inspired vase brings a unique aesthetic to the table. Its design, influenced by ancient Greek vases but executed with a minimalist modern flair, makes it versatile enough to complement various home decor settings. Whether set among books on a shelf as a statement piece or used as a vase for dried flowers, Helen’s Pot adds a touch of sophistication and history. The availability in different colors further ensures it can match various palettes and preferences.

    Material and Sustainability

    One of the pot’s most commendable aspects is its material. Made using eco-friendly bioplastic through 3D printing technology, Helen’s Pot is a nod towards sustainability without compromising on durability. Although not watertight, which limits its use with fresh flowers, its resilience and easy maintenance make it a practical choice for those looking to add an eco-conscious touch to their home.

    Size and Practicality

    Offered in two sizes, the vase is suitable for those who prefer not to have their decor dominate their space. Its lightweight yet sturdy build allows for versatility in placement without worry of easy damage. However, the precaution against prolonged direct sunlight might be a consideration for those looking to place it in sun-drenched spots.


    • Unique Design: Truly a piece of art, blending ancient and modern aesthetics perfectly.
    • Eco-Friendly: Made with sustainable materials, it’s ideal for environmentally conscious consumers.
    • Versatility: Suitable for various decor schemes and settings.
    • Customizable: Available in different sizes and colors, with the option to create a set.


    • Not Watertight: Its inability to hold water limits its function as a traditional vase.
    • Sensitivity to Sunlight: May not be suitable for placement in areas with constant direct sunlight.

    Final Thoughts

    Helen’s Pot is a testament to the beauty that can be achieved when modern technology meets ancient inspiration. It’s more than just a vase; it’s a piece of decor that tells a story while being mindful of the environment. Owning Helen’s Pot not only elevates your space but also connects you to a larger narrative of beauty, history, and sustainability. Highly recommended for those looking to add a unique and thoughtful piece to their collection.


    Bioplastic, PLA, Recycled Wood


    Brown, White

    3 reviews for Dried Flower Vase, Nordic Decor – Helen’s Pot

    1. Jerry

      Absolutely gorgeous, I’m very thankful! 😊

    2. null null

      Met my expectations perfectly. Truly stunning.

    3. Virginia Clarke

      Gorgeous vase. I strongly recommend this seller for their distinct products.

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