Portuguese Green Ceramic Swallows Pottery


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Portuguese Green Ceramic Swallows Pottery

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  • Portuguese Green Ceramic Swallows, handmade and hand-painted in Portugal, symbolizing prosperity and happiness
  • Available in four sizes (Large, Medium, Small, X-Small) with detailed dimensions provided
  • The collection features a unique green glaze, with a double firing process at 900º and 1020º for durability
  • Designed for easy wall hanging, both indoors and outdoors, with secure installation to ensure longevity and maintain color and shine
  • The tiny white swallow with a red heart is for decorative imaging purposes only and not included with the swallows
  • Each item is carefully packaged for shipping to ensure it arrives in excellent condition
  • The creator encourages customer support and feedback, especially as a new seller on Etsy, and provides a contact method for any questions
  • Additional products and designs are available for viewing and purchase on the seller’s Instagram and Etsy pages
  • Crafted Handmade
  • Premium Quality
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Orders are Processed through Etsy.com

A Touch of Portuguese Charm

From the moment I stumbled upon these Portuguese Green Ceramic Swallows, I knew I had to have them. The idea of bringing a piece of Portugal’s tradition into my home was too enticing to pass up. The swallows arrived, each meticulously packaged, ensuring their safe journey across the globe to my doorstep.

Craftsmanship and Quality

It’s evident that a lot of care and skill went into creating these swallows. The hand-painted details are exquisite, with a vibrant shade of green that brings a freshness to any room. Although the color was a tad deeper than expected, akin to the first reviewer’s experience, it only added to their allure.

Size and Display

The variety in sizes makes for a dynamic arrangement on my wall. Following the provided Instagram link for hanging instructions was a breeze, resulting in a secure and visually pleasing display. They’ve become a focal point in my living room, drawing attention and compliments from visitors.

Symbolism and Satisfaction

Learning about the symbolism behind these swallows – prosperity and happiness in the home – has added a layer of meaning to the purchase. It feels like I’m not just decorating my space but also inviting positive energy into my life.

Final Thoughts

I’m thrilled with my purchase of the Portuguese Green Ceramic Swallows. The craftsmanship, beauty, and symbolism behind them make these more than just decorations; they’re pieces of art that bring a piece of Portuguese culture into my home. I eagerly anticipate adding more from this talented artist to my collection. A perfect find for anyone looking to infuse their living space with charm and character.

Connect with the Creator

I highly recommend visiting the artist’s Instagram page for more stunning creations and inspiration on how to incorporate these beautiful swallows into your home. Support for such incredible talent is well deserved, and I cannot wait to see what else they have in store.


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3 reviews for Portuguese Green Ceramic Swallows Pottery

  1. Neda Nastevski

    Thank you! I absolutely adore them. The shade is a bit deeper than anticipated, yet it remains stunning.

  2. Sam Mackelden

    Lovely item, I haven’t mounted it on the wall just yet, but it looks fantastic!

  3. Sam Mackelden

    Fantastic product – I’ll post a picture as soon as it’s mounted on the wall. Also, the included leaflet was quite charming.

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