OlaKala Mid-Century Troyan Incense/Oil Burner

Original price was: $80.90.Current price is: $60.67.

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OlaKala Mid-Century Troyan Incense/Oil Burner

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Original price was: $80.90.Current price is: $60.67.

  • Handmade Troyan Green and Turquoise Ceramic Incense Burner & Censer with a unique green and brown glaze
  • Includes a bonus stick holder worth $15 USD, enhancing the value of the purchase
  • Crafted by hand, each piece undergoes a special glazing process and is fired twice, resulting in unique textures, colors, and patterns with no two items being exactly alike
  • Dimensions may vary slightly due to the handmade nature, with an approximate height of 16 cm; the product’s uniqueness is guaranteed
  • Can be used both as an incense burner by placing smoldering incense inside, or as a censer by lighting a candle and adding essential oils to the water in the reservoir for aromatic diffusion
  • Designed with feet to protect surfaces from heat damage when in use, ensuring safety and convenience
  • Easy to clean with water and soap once completely cooled, maintaining the product’s appearance and functionality
  • Note: The price does not include the palo santo stick shown in images
  • Crafted Handmade
  • Premium Quality
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Orders are Processed through Etsy.com

The craftsmanship is apparent in every aspect of its design, from the unique Troyan Green and Turquoise glaze to the thoughtful functionality as both an incense burner and censer.

The handmade nature of this product adds a special touch, making it clear that a lot of care and skill went into its creation. I especially appreciate the attention to detail in the glazing process, which gives each piece a distinct look. The fact that it’s handmade means variations are to be expected, but this only enhances its charm and ensures you have a one-of-a-kind item.
Using it as an incense burner has been a delightful experience. It manages to disperse the scent evenly throughout the room, creating a tranquil atmosphere that’s perfect for meditation or relaxing after a long day. I also tried it as a censer with some essential oils, and it worked wonderfully, adding a lovely aroma to my living space.

The safety features and cleaning instructions are straightforward and easy to follow, ensuring longevity and hassle-free maintenance. It’s evident that both functionality and safety were considered in its design, making it not only a beautiful piece to look at but also practical for everyday use.

Overall, I’m thrilled with my purchase. It’s not only a stylish addition to my home decor but also an effective way to enhance my living environment with my favorite scents. This burner would indeed make a perfect gift for anyone appreciative of unique, handmade items with practical use. Highly recommended!


Ceramic, Stoneware



3 reviews for OlaKala Mid-Century Troyan Incense/Oil Burner

  1. Saya Reneé

    I absolutely adore it. Thank you immensely!

  2. Richard Barrett

    Great product! It arrived sooner than expected, looks just like the photos, and functions perfectly. Happy with my purchase.

  3. Sign in with Apple user

    This product serves as an ideal present for your own home or as a housewarming gift for a friend. The design is wonderfully unique and stands out. 👍🏻

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