Handmade Rustic Bonsai & Succulent Planter


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Handmade Rustic Bonsai & Succulent Planter

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  • Handcrafted rustic planters ideal for bonsai, cacti, and succulents, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Made from black stoneware clay with a raw, earthy charm featuring natural cracks, curves, and ridges, giving each piece a unique character
  • Each planter includes a drainage hole and comes with a plate that has a contrasting bronze glaze
  • Crafted using the pinching method, with plates glazed and both pieces high-fired at 1250°C for durability
  • Sustainable packing used for shipping, with no plastic involved
  • Purchase 5 or more items to receive a 35% discount using code: 5ORMORE
  • Created by AmeliaJ Ceramics in a Barcelona workshop, emphasizing handmade, unique, limited edition pieces
  • The artist employs strict reduce/reuse/recycle practices and powers the studio with renewable energy
  • Crafted Handmade
  • Premium Quality
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Orders are Processed through Etsy.com

A Harmonious Blend of Nature and Craftsmanship

As a lover of both plants and artisanal homeware, I was immediately drawn to the “Handmade Rustic Planter” from @ameliajceramics. The promise of a product that marries the raw beauty of nature with the intimacy of handcraftsmanship was too tempting to resist. Upon receiving the planter, it’s evident that each piece is a testament to the artisan’s dedication to creating something truly special.

Uniquely Crafted

One of the first things to note about this planter is its distinctive character. The black stoneware, with its natural cracks, curves, and ridges, brings an authentic rustic charm that’s hard to find in mass-produced items. While I anticipated a more spherical shape based on the product photos, the organic form I received has grown on me, adding a unique aesthetic to my indoor garden.

Functional Art

The functionality of the planter, with its drainage hole, is a thoughtful touch, ensuring that plants not only look good but thrive. The bronze-glazed plate is a beautiful complement to the black stoneware, although I echo a fellow customer’s sentiment that a slightly larger plate for the x-large model would better showcase this feature.

Environmental Consciousness

Knowing that my purchase supports sustainable practices adds another layer of satisfaction. From the renewable energy powering the studio to the sustainable packing materials, it’s clear that Amelia is committed to her craft’s environmental impact.

Customer Connection

The personal touches in the packaging and the responsive customer service further enhance the buying experience. It’s evident that Amelia values her customers, as seen in her heartfelt responses to feedback. My money tree looks stunning in its new home, and the whole experience felt personal and genuine.

Final Thoughts

The “Handmade Rustic Planter” is more than just a pot for your plants; it’s a piece of art that brings a sense of peace and beauty to any space. While there’s room for minor improvements, such as adjusting the plate size for larger models, the overall quality, aesthetics, and ethos behind Amelia’s work make this a worthwhile investment for plant enthusiasts and supporters of artisan crafts alike.

Thank you, Amelia, for this beautiful addition to my home. Your passion for your craft truly shines through in every piece.


Glaze, stoneware clay



6 reviews for Handmade Rustic Bonsai & Succulent Planter

  1. Anonymous

    I’m delighted to receive such positive feedback! Thank you for the kind review. Best regards, Amelia

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you very much for your lovely compliment, Eva. Your tree looks stunning in its new planter!

  3. Jean Lee

    My money tree flourished beautifully thanks to this product, and the packaging seemed thoughtfully and lovingly prepared, adding a personal touch.

  4. Anonymous

    I adore the natural design of my new plant pot!

  5. Naoki Peter

    I anticipated a more spherical shape, yet it remains quite attractive. In my opinion, the plate size for the extra-large model could have been increased to better showcase the glaze.

  6. Eva Wiederhold

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

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