Black, Blue, Gold 3-Piece Dinner Set


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Black, Blue, Gold 3-Piece Dinner Set

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  • Dark Fusion Dinner Set includes a Dinner Plate, Salad/Dessert Plate, and Dinner/Soup Bowl in black with shades of blue, black, gray, and gold metallic luster stripes
  • Handmade from hand-glazed Ceramic/Pottery with a multi-tone glazing finish and metallic luster highlights, ensuring each piece is unique
  • Dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe, making it convenient for everyday use
  • The dinnerware is food safe and lead-free, ensuring safety and health for users
  • Dimensions are 29cm for the Dinner Plate, 22cm for the Salad Plate, and the Dinner/Soup Bowl has a 7cm height, 15cm diameter, and 300ml capacity
  • Handcrafted in Egypt and available for international shipping, allowing for global access to this exquisite dinnerware
  • Available for purchase in desired quantities or as separate items through the provided Etsy shop link, offering flexibility for buyers
  • Due to the handmade nature of the dinner set, slight variations in color and shape may occur, adding to the uniqueness and authenticity of each piece
  • Crafted Handmade
  • Premium Quality
  • Worldwide Shipping
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Upon receiving my order, which arrived much faster than anticipated, I was impressed by the careful packaging ensuring everything arrived in perfect condition. The hand-glazed ceramic/pottery material feels substantial and durable, while the finish is both sophisticated and practical – surprisingly dishwasher and microwave safe, although caution is advised with the latter due to the pieces becoming quite hot.

Each item in the 3-piece set – the dinner plate, salad/dessert plate, and dinner/soup bowl – is perfectly sized for individual servings, making every meal feel intimate and personal. The dimensions provided in the product description are accurate, and the capacity of the dinner/soup bowl is ideal for hearty servings.

The fact that these items are handmade in Egypt adds a layer of exotic charm and authenticity that you simply can’t find in mass-produced dinnerware. While there are slight variations in color and shape due to the nature of handmade items, these differences do not detract from the beauty or function of the set; if anything, they enhance it by giving each piece a unique character.

In summary, the Dark Fusion Dinner Set is a masterpiece of pottery that combines aesthetic beauty with practical functionality. It’s a wonderful addition to any dinner table, perfect for those who appreciate the artistry in everyday objects. I would not hesitate to recommend this set to anyone looking to elevate their dining experience, and I’m already considering purchasing additional pieces from the collection.




Black, Blue

3 reviews for Black, Blue, Gold 3-Piece Dinner Set

  1. Darla Wetzel

    The delivery of these items was impressively swift and carefully handled, leaving me thoroughly impressed with their arrival time. I absolutely adore them! However, I must point out that despite being labeled as “microwave safe,” they become extremely hot in the microwave, to the extent that oven mitts are a necessity to handle them afterward. This applies to the mugs as well; prepare to scorch your fingers otherwise. As a workaround, we heat our food on alternative surfaces before transferring it to these plates. Would I make a repeat purchase? Absolutely. These dishes are truly outstanding.

  2. Camille Immanuel

    Even more stunning than I ever imagined! Absolutely adore them.

  3. Lisa Rasmussen

    Appears stunning and is an excellent complement to my collection!

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